About Me
I’m a Graphic Designer based in North East Florida. Along with doing freelance work, I currently work at Timuquana Country Club as their Membership & Marketing Coordinator. Through research and deliberate design, I create memorable and effective designs for my clients.​​​​​​​
My Design Philosophy
A love of learning is essential when it comes to the graphic design process. It is the first step in design problem solving and the only way to stay current with what’s happening within the design community. Whenever a designer is given a task, the first step is to research their subject. This often opens a whole new world of information and experiences that may not have been explored otherwise. A designer then takes this information and creates a solution that is informed, visually pleasing, and original.
My design process always begins with extensive research about the topic. This allows me to create designs that convey the message clearly and concisely. Exploring topics that I am not familiar with broadens my knowledge, challenges my way of thinking, and causes me to approach each solution from a unique angle.
Two designers who inspired me early on for their way of thinking and approach to design are Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh. Their designs often take an unconventional approach using unexpected materials to attract immediate attention and clearly convey their message to the viewer. As a very structured and organized person, my visual style is also influenced by Swiss Design and their strong use of compositional grids, typography, and photography.
As a designer, I am always looking for new approaches to design and taking note of designers who inspire me. Exposing myself to designers and influences who challenge my way of thinking allows me to strengthen my design abilities and find stronger solutions to the task at hand. While web design is part of my skill set, print design is where my real strength lies. As a designer, I hope to be in a position where I am challenged with an array of projects that will allow me to strengthen my skills in all facets of graphic design and create memorable solutions that will leave a mark on the design community.
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